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Pitch Perfectly 101 – “The Problem”

June 30, 2014

I am currently suffering. The anguish is extrordinary. It shoots through every fiber of me and wracks my brain with the most insufferable pain. I cannot seem to find a way to diminish it. It is utterly unavoidable and continually present. It is the result of the battle I wage against my accounting program. It seems to anticipate what I need and then spitefully circle around and around that specifi..

Pitch Perfectly 101 – “How”

June 28, 2014

Right now, my fingers are tapping the keys at a lousy coffee shop a few blocks east of TImes Square. Why, you ask, am I sitting in a lousy coffee shop rather than a great one? This is Manhattan! Great coffee shops are everywhere! I am sitting here because I am not a New Yorker. If I were, I might have known to jump into the one down the street rather than this one. However, in my quest to land a g..

Pitch Perfectly 101 – “Who”

June 17, 2014

When I appear on television, I know how to connect with my customer. A mentor of mine once said "you are not talking TO the lens, you are talking THROUGH the lens." It took some years of seasoning to really understand the depth of his statement and become accomplished at it. When I am on camera, I no longer see the glass of the lens. I reach through those electronics with my eyes and my heart to t..

Pitch Perfectly 101 – “Why?”

June 12, 2014

How many times in your life have you pondered the question: "Why am I doing this for a living?" "Of all the possibilities on the earth, why do I continue, day after day, to pursue this way of making money?" You could be an African safari guide, a minister, an underwater search and rescue diver or a Google analyst. You could be a Starbucks franchise owner, a personal trainer or librarian. Why do yo..

Pitch Perfectly

June 5, 2014

I adore the wilderness. As I write this, I am sitting in a little coffee shop in Franklin, North Carolina after finishing a 61 mile trek through some of the most rugged terrain the Appalachians have to offer. I have been to places and seen things that few people ever get to see. The only way to see what I have seen is to spend days hiking there, living out of a backpack or to hire a helicopter. No..




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