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About Pitch Video

Pitch Video creates custom product demonstration videos for internet and television.

Cory Bergeron, our CEO, has sold over 350 products on national television. He has also spent the past 17 years as a director and videographer in the same industry. He certainly knows what it takes to properly frame and pitch a product!

Kevin Harrington, Pitch Video’s primary business partner, is the inventor of the infomercial, the man who pioneered the entire DRTV industry, an Original Shark from the hit TV show “Shark Tank,” and recently, the founder of Quantum Media, a digital marketing company using cutting edge innovations to create the most effective internet marketing campaigns possible.

Within the next hour, 3.2 million people in the US will watch an online video, yet most products have none! Why? Because 5 years ago the technology did not exist to provide all those online videos. Everybody wanted video, but the internet could not keep up! Now it can, and online video is the single biggest marketing tool being pursued by every big brand keeping in-step with what the public demands! Based on proven sales strategies employed by every major retail television network, our “Pitch Videos” are known to have the secret recipe’ for maximizing sales and minimizing returns.


Our Mission

To exceed the expectations of our clients by providing the most impactful product marketing video they have ever experienced. To create more viewer to buyer conversions for our clients than any other promotional tool they have. To make custom product video and its benefits available to online retailers with a streamlined workflow and in high volume, while maintaining premium production value and an insightful sales message.

Our Vision

To revolutionize internet and television retail by providing the most compelling custom product video possible. To become the company of choice for reliable, exceptional product video support and to be the standard to which other production companies are held. To continually innovate new ways of meeting the rising public demand for marketing video and strategies.

Meet the Owner

Cory Bergeron

Founder / President

Cory Bergeron, the founder and CEO of Pitch Video, has been the face of hundreds of items on television networks and infomercials and has grossed hundreds of millions of dollars in sales. He is best known to television audiences as DRTV’s all-American dad, a family man and expert on household solutions, lawn and garden items and electronics.

In addition to his extensive talent resume’, Cory has decades of experience in video production. Having had great success as a videographer, audio engineer, stage manager, director and producer, Cory understands what can be accomplished on both sides of a lens, making him a valuable and rare asset to his clients. Cory has directed and produced videos for some of the largest corporate giants in America, including Canon USA, Alcon pharmaceuticals, Motorola, Dunkin Doughnuts, Goodyear, RCA, Xerox and Homedics, just to name a few. Pitch Video is Cory’s way of bringing all his talents and experience to a single table for the benefit of his client.

Every Pitch Video project is overseen and approved by Cory Bergeron personally. All staff, from camera operators to hosts and models, are veterans of television retail and infomercial environments and are the best in the industry at efficiently creating compelling product support video. Pitch Video is located in Tampa, Florida, where the weather is perfect for shooting video year round!

Cory is a proud husband very involved father of 4.