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Saturday,Mar 22,2014

I must say that I have found a bit of sanctuary in the moments I can take to write in this blog. A small coffee shop, a latte at my wrist, muted conversations in the background and the sound of tires on the brick streets outside. I look forward to these moments of respite in the midst of my heavy work-week. I do not just make appearances on television retail networks, nor I simply run a video production company creating product sales video. I am the owner of a second home built in 1910 used for my business as an office and branded shoot location. It is in constant need of renovation. I am also a very involved father of 4 children and an attentive husband. That does not leave much “me” time. However, these moments of authorship have become just that. The purpose of this particular blog entry is to ask what I should write about? I have done business with hundreds of vendors. I have sold over 250 products on national shopping networks to the tune of over $100,000,000 in just the past 5 years alone. I get phone calls daily from vendor after vendor seeking my advice on their next move, what will work or could lead to failure. I have a knack for spotting issues before they happen and avoiding them. Some of my vendors have found that knack valuable and call me regularly. My biggest issue in writing this blog is that I cannot reveal industry secrets relating to the specific networks I have worked for. I am legally bound to keep those little nuggets of wisdom unpublished. However, there are many questions I can answer at length relating to the industry as a whole or the nature of trending online sales videos and would be happy to use this forum for just that. So, I am putting myself at your disposal within the context of this blog. After I have sorted through all the wise-crack responses to this entry from my close friends and associates, I would love to give you the knowledge you seek. In truth, we all have knowledge that is second nature to use and that others would love to have. I am merely allowing access to the industry specific knowledge I have that others have found a mystery. Ask away! -Cory


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