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Wednesday,Oct 16,2013

From time to time, I work with a product vendor who is very passionate about a certain aspect of their product which is difficult to explain and often there is no budget to create support materials to help relate the concept to the viewer.  This can be very challenging.  Sometimes, as critical as that point is, it is better to omit the product feature all together, rather than risk an explanation.  Explanations of this sort can end up a tangled mess, no matter how thoroughly you script them ahead of time. One of the things I am paid for is my ability to take complex concepts and relate them simply to my viewer.  However, what if the primary differentiating factor of an air conditioner is that it has a brand new technology designed to mist water onto the A/C condenser and through rapid evaporation, cool that condenser allowing for a faster reduction in room temperature than other A/Cs can provide?  I cannot simply say that my A/C is more powerful and cools faster than others.  My customer would expect to hear that from every A/C company out there!  I must deliver a reason that makes sense and substantiates my claim…not to mention a reason why they must continually fill a water reservoir to keep the A/C operating at maximum potential!  This is where support elements come in.  If your statement cannot deliver your meaning simply, you need to acquire photo, video or animation support to help explain the concept.  Lucky for me, the A/C I am referring to above was one I sold and had great animation support showing a simple breakdown of the A/C’s interior where the magic took place.  As I spoke to the concept, the animation relayed my statements visually, making the feature easy to grasp. Getting tangled up in complex explanations that require lots of imagination from your viewer will not only make their eyes glaze over, it will eat up super-precious time!


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