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CASE STUDY: “Splash” Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Product Type: Website Promo

When HSN asked us for video for the “Splash” we were overwhelmed by the video requirements and weren’t exactly sure where to start.  After contacting multiple companies for estimates and timelines we decided on Pitch Video.
At the beginning Cory asked a lot of questions about the product and what we envisioned for the B-roll.  He took our input, offered suggestions and provided multiple options as to how to proceed.  We decided the scenes and Pitch Video took it from there.  They arranged for the sites, models, camera crew, obtained any necessary permits/permissions, verified the branding, etc.  The day of the shoot arrived and everything went as planned.  We had expected a few surprises along the way but the whole process was much smoother than we ever imagined.

The end result was an exceptional B-roll / short video which really showcased our product, met all of HSN’s specifications, stayed on budget, and was easily adapted for other uses.  Hiring Pitch Video was a great decision and we will definitely use their services again.

Jackie Emery - Noetic Inc.

“Splash” Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker