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Tuesday,Oct 08,2013

2) Uncommon Functionality I sell an air purifier that comes with a HEPA-type filter that never needs to be replaced.  You vacuum it out and put it right back into the unit.  It has a VOC filter that removes harmful chemicals from the air in your home.  It also has a hospital-grade UV light, proven to kill airborne germs and bacteria.  It is not your average purifier. I sell a mosquito trap that does not use any chemical baits, shock screens, open flames or propane tanks, etc… It works indefinitely with no maintenance (other than emptying the bug  carcasses) and it will attract mosquitoes from up to an acre around it. I sell an LCD door viewer that allows its user to see the person knocking on a big color LCD screen and it mounts over the peephole the user already has.  He/She can press the power button, illuminating the screen 1,800 times on one set of AAA batteries. I sell a portable lantern that uses an internal dynamo and a hand crank to provide it’s power.  60 seconds of easy cranking will give you 30 minutes of super-bright light before it even begins to dim.  It also converts from a lantern to a focused spotlight with the push of a button.  The user never buys another battery for his flashlight and knows he will always have light when he needs it. You get the picture.  When people tune in to DRTV, they are rivited by products that address common problems in uncommon ways.  It does not matter if it is a dress that makes you look slimmer, cookware that makes molten marshmallow slide around on its non-stick or a hose that self-recoils.  The viewer wants to see something that gives them an “Ah Ha!” moment.  They want excitement at the prospect of getting that product home and watching it do its magic!  They want to show it to others who will oggle over it and pat them on the back. They want it to be easy to set up and simple to use. They want it to solve a problem in a way that other products cannot. Most of all, they want their lives to be easier, better and more convenient.  This is a foundational concept for all DRTV.  It is the reason it is a multi-multi-billion dollar empire.  Kevin Harrington, the inventor of the infomercial and celebrity from the hit TV show Shark Tank, calls it a “Magical Transformation.”  It is  one of the primary components he looks for in any DRTV product.


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