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Tuesday,Oct 08,2013

3) Uncommon craftsmanship I have a buddy who sells solar lights for HSN.  Not just any solar lights.  Solar lights with the largest, most energy efficient LEDs on the market.  The light housings are constructed of stainless steel with thick, real glass lenses.  The lawn spikes are made of solid aluminum.  The solar panels are twice the size of most other brands. They will run continuously with brilliant light for 12 hours on a single charge and their styling is gorgeous! They are the highest quality I have ever seen and although the price is slightly higher than most people would consider for solar lights, they sell like hot cakes.  Why?  Because people are familiar with the cheap plastic, dim, yellowed-lens lights that turn on for an hour and then die. They bought them at their local home improvement store and then disposed of them after 1 season in their yard. My buddy’s lights leave others in the dirt! I sell a tiny action camera that costs over $400.  Why would someone buy a compact video camera for $400 when they have one on their cell phone?  Because mine is made to withstand a drop onto concrete from 10 feet.  It can be left in the snow, then plunged down 197 feet underwater. If it was constructed any better, it would deflect bullets. It can mount to the top of a surfboard, a helmet, the hood of a car, the underside of a skateboard or an airpane wing…and it shoots ultra-HD, cinema-quality video!  It has been used by major movie houses to gather unique shots that no other camera can get. I have sold bladeless fans and vacuums for Dyson.  When people buy a Dyson product, they are buying superior quality, technology, appearance and a unique overall experience.  You are not getting a disposable item.  You are buying an item meticulously designed to last, to outperform any competition and look beautiful doing it.  For this, people are willing to pay a premium price. The quality your item can boast has much to do with how much people are willing to pay.  However, be warned.  There are many products that claim quality and do not have it.  Your customer is aware of this and very skeptical.  You cannot just claim your product is made better, you must be able to show it in ways that set it apart.  Companies like Apple and Dyson have reputations for quality, but most products do not.  Unless you have big time brand recognition, you must be able to drop or submerge your video camera, or disassemble your solar light to show the steel and glass.  To claim manufacturing quality and make it believable, you must have an irrefutable way to substantiate that claim.


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