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Video Package #1

45-90 seconds of pure demonstration video with music.

This is our most affordable package meant to spike your customer’s interest by visually showing them why they should have your product and what differentiates your product from similar ones on the market.

After receiving your down-payment and a sample of your product, we will partner with you to script the top benefits, then storyboard the best way to show those benefits in action.

If your product has a detailed set-up or installation, it might be a good idea to incorporate those aspects in your video. We will use a professional model to demonstrate your product in a lifestyle setting appropriate to your products needs. The important thing is to keep the action moving…one benefit after another. Once the storyboard is complete, we will compile a shot-list for our production crew. Led by our experienced staff of infomercial and retail-TV producers, your video footage will now be created by our crew who will craft each demonstration shot to show off the best of what your product has to offer.

Once the shoot itself is finished, your footage will be delivered to our editors to create the final product. Our videographers and editors are veterans of the television retail industry. Each video we create is designed without “dead wood.” Your video will be tightly edited to keep your viewer excited with a continual flow of new benefits.

Once editing is complete and final payment is received, your video will be delivered to you electronically in a 1280 x 720 format appropriate for upload to the internet site of your choice and/or for streaming from whichever internet marketplace(s) you choose.

We will also send you a signed release form, transferring ownership of your completed video to you or your company.

(cost contingent on complexity)


Click here for Pitch Video terms and conditions for package Video Package #1