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Pitch Perfectly 101 – “The Problem”

Monday,Jun 30,2014

I am currently suffering. The anguish is extrordinary. It shoots through every fiber of me and wracks my brain with the most insufferable pain. I cannot seem to find a way to diminish it. It is utterly unavoidable and continually present. It is the result of the battle I wage against my accounting program. It seems to anticipate what I need and then spitefully circle around and around that specific function causing me to click away in an endless cycle of ineptitude and frustration until I have royally screwed up every entry for the entire month! This was supposed to be easy! I signed up for the most streamlined, user-friendly version of accounting software I could find. I am no math guru. I was a communications major in college. I know my weaknesses! But, the interface looked like my 10-year-old could do it, so I jumped in. Uuuhg… My mind swims in a sea of terms and procedures that feel like running a mental Ironman. When I am not actually using the software, I am thinking about it. It possesses me. I would rather have my head run over by a train than do 15 minutes of accounting. There is a business card on my desk that screams at me every time I walk into the room. I have been putting off the expense, but I think the time has come. I am about to drown in my own book-keeping mess. The card says “Quickbooks expert. Let me straighten out your mess and keep you headache free. I’ll do everything for you.” The pull of that card is stronger than gravity for me. Why? Because I have a problem and that card speaks right to my heart. It has identified my exact struggle. It can be relieving to know that you are not the only person with a problem…that others have had the same problem and there is a solution. When someone sells a product or has a business that identifies a specific problem, it innately tells the customer “You are not alone. It says “So many others have had this same problem, that we have built a successful business solving your specific issue!” It tells a consumer that they do not have to find someone to address a unique issue. Instead, there is a company that has tons of experience with that exact struggle! They are experienced! They can be trusted because they know you. They have been there many times themselves. They know the secret formula to fix your issue! Within your pitch, this statement of the problem is critical. It should immediately follow your “Wow Statement” and needs to appeal directly to your customer’s heart. It should be efficient in wording, but of huge emotional impact to your listener. Help them realize that you know exactly what it is like to be in their shoes and you can identify personally with their frustrations. Remember, every single buying decision is an emotional one. A solid pitch has a 1, 2, 3 punch at the beginning of its delivery. This is the second swing. The third is called “The solution,” and will be the topic of the next blog in this series on Pitching Perfectly. by Cory Bergeron More at


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