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Pitch Perfectly 101 – “The Solution”

Monday,Jul 21,2014

I am a pretty motivated guy. I currently am a guest-host for HSN with on-air appearances 8-12 times a week. Each of the products I represent requires its own research time, prop collection time, training time and meetings. In addition, I own a production company creating the best product sales video available anywhere that employs true salesmanship by real Pitchman and women along with custom demonstrations. I am also renovating a 103 year old house into my office and branded shoot location for my company. By the time it is finished (getting very close now), it will be on brand for HSN, QVC, Amazon and just about any other major network or online marketplace. Most of the interior renovations I am doing myself…plumbing, tiling, drywall, electrical work…it has consumed me for the past 6 months. I am also a very involved father of 4 and dedicated husband who makes daily time to be with his family and attends almost every recital, sports game, vocal performance, etc. When something small goes wrong (roof leak, flat tire, dog poops on the floor…) the inconvenience can feel like a mountain I must climb. This is just the perspective from within my world. Every person has there own world…their own set of eyes through which an inconvenience is filtered and one thing is certain for all but very, very few: Life is hard. It requires tough thought, big decisions and lots of work. There is another certainty: People are desperate for solutions. Ways to keep up with the flow of traffic without feeling like they are crawling along, 4-ways flashing. If you can provide a unique solution to someone’s incessant problem, it can feel like a swimming pool and daiquiris after crawling through the Sahara. However, it must be framed correctly. One of the greatest icons in the television retail world, Kevin Harrington, once said that he needs to see a “Magic Transformation” when evaluating a product for success. That product must take a problem and magically turn it on its head in a way that leaves people astounded. People aren’t just searching for solutions. People want…no…NEED unique, unexpected solutions! Within your pitch, after you have stated the problem, the next words out of your mouth should be your solution. That solution should be carefully thought out. Word selection is critical. You don’t just solve your customer’s problem, you do it in a way that leaves them reeling! You throw them the curve ball they didn’t expect and their intrigue peeks. If you recall from my previous blog on delivering “The Problem,” emotions govern the buying decision. You deliver a problem statement that hits their heart right where it counts. The heart is now a bit wounded. It wants a way out. You have reminded it of a source of its pain. The solution statement that follows is the healing balm to that pain. Not only does it pacify the heart, but the heart now looks to the logical brain for a justification to buy. Your solution should provide that justification. Once the brain and the heart agree, the sale has been made. Seek the right words to give your customer a personal, customized and magical solution to their problem. If your problem statement has done a good job identifying with their heart’s need, your solution statement should leave them giddy. You now have one more step in your pitch. You must substantiate the success of your solution through testimonials. This can be done in a single sentence and will be the topic of my next blog: “Closing the Sale.” by Cory Bergeron More at


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