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Pitch Perfectly 101 – “Who”

Tuesday,Jun 17,2014

When I appear on television, I know how to connect with my customer. A mentor of mine once said “you are not talking TO the lens, you are talking THROUGH the lens.” It took some years of seasoning to really understand the depth of his statement and become accomplished at it. When I am on camera, I no longer see the glass of the lens. I reach through those electronics with my eyes and my heart to the woman on the other side. When you are speaking to someone, the slightest alterations in your eyes send powerful messages. Sometimes, what is unsaid is more potent that what is said. The camera lens is critical. It truly is a lens. It magnifies. Whatever is expressed in your eyes is enlarged a hundred times for your audience. Genuineness cannot be overstated. If you are faking, your audience will know. When you look into that lens, you must believe in yourself and what you are saying. If you do not, your sales will suffer and people will see you as a poser. So, how do you accomplish this genuiness? In my last blog, we spoke of knowing yourself…asking yourself “Why” you are the person to be selling your product and having a hard-earned insightful answer. Now, you need to move outside yourself to the person you are talking to. Who is listening to you? If you have a detailed answer to that question, then it will dramatically change how you speak in your pitch. Think about standing in an auditorium and pitching a vacuum to a random smattering of people. There are construction workers, pet-sitters, nurses, military staff, home-makers, mechanics and teenage Walmart employees. Now picture yourself speaking to 3 woman all who have small children, have chosen to be stay-at-home moms and are tired of waging the battling against the dust bunnies on their hardwood floors. Do you see the difference? You pitch will be far more intimate, far more informative…faaaar more impactful. You will be able to reach inside yourself for that genuine understanding you have for their predicament and your unique solution. You will be believable because you know these women! You understand their troubles. It is precisely why your product was created! They will see themselves in you and the emotional connection will take place on which all sales are created. Remember, all sales are an emotional decision. Connect with your customer on common emotional ground and offer a solution to their struggles. This is how every single sale is made. Can you do this without knowing exactly Who you are talking to? Absolutely not! Some marketing experts believe in throwing the widest net possible and hoping for a small percentage of conversions from that net. The problem is that the more people you try to include into your listening audience, the more watered down your message gets for your real customer! You need to identify exactly who you are talking to. The more precisely you know that person and can speak directly to him or her, the more potent your message will be and the higher your conversion rate. An added benefit to this approach is your own profile. It is hard to be known as the girl who is an expert on all things around the house. However, if you are the girl who is an expert on closet organization and design, that’s different! You instantly become a big fish in a smaller pond! Know your customer…intimately. Speak to them as you would across your coffee table. Knowing exactly who you are talking to creates genuineness in you and keeps your pitch potent! By Cory Bergeron More at


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