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Thursday,Jun 05,2014

I adore the wilderness. As I write this, I am sitting in a little coffee shop in Franklin, North Carolina after finishing a 61 mile trek through some of the most rugged terrain the Appalachians have to offer. I have been to places and seen things that few people ever get to see. The only way to see what I have seen is to spend days hiking there, living out of a backpack or to hire a helicopter. Not even a donkey could get to where I have been. It is my passion, but it comes with a price. There is no part of my body that does not hurt somehow. First it was my shoulders and hips which are bruised from carrying my backpack. Then, it was my feet…pain in several different ways and locations. Then, my left knee that bordered on injury as I climbed mile after mile. Then my ankles…on and on it went. But it was worth it to stand atop mountain after mountain and look back on where I came with a feeling of satisfaction…to breath the fresh air and hear the sounds that only a place like that can deliver…and view vistas that make everything else in life shrink a bit. As I stood at the beginning of my hike, there was that pause before the first step onto the trail. That first step is a commitment to continue…to turn away from comfort and leisure, to succeed at whatever cost. It is a hardening of resolve. It is the path of any entrepreneur looking to sell a product.
You must look at what seems unsurpassable and with a fierceness in your eyes say “by the end of today, I will stand at the summit of that mountain. By the end of this week, that mountain and many more will be at my back. I will find a way and nothing will deter me.” It is that hardening of resolve and willingness to find the resources even when you can’t imagine how that leads to a vista where you breath easy and thank God for delivering such beauty and fresh air…that place where you sit back in your office chair and laugh to yourself with a free spirit rewarded with uncommon accomplishment. And it all starts with the courage to take that first step on the path. It all starts with your pitch. Want a great website? Without a great pitch, your site will be a jumble of unfocused information. Want to write a book? Without a great pitch, you will meander uncohesively. Want people to get excited when you talk about what you do? Without a great pitch, their eyes will glaze over and they will forget all about your job the moment your lips stop moving. Pitch is foundational to all you wish to achieve. Without it, you have nothing to build on. You want to build an empire, but you are stumbling around blind, scattering nails with your shuffling feet, wasting your time and the time of your potential customers.
Your product has a perfect pitch. Without intimately knowing what that pitch looks like, your product cannot achieve greatness. Sure some people stumble upon the right sentence or line that seems to resonate with their customer, but “greatness” is not what they have. They just have decent sales under the right circumstances. When I say “greatness” I mean that product that others aspire to be. The product that other inventors and manufacturers wish they could knock off, just to capitalize on its success…the success of your pitch! (they, of course, throw themselves against your patent without luck because you were prepared for such things!) Your competition tries to mimic your pitch, but because they do not have the intimate knowledge you do, their attempts fall short. What is it that inspires the most impactful emotional response in your customer? What makes them drop whatever they are doing or thinking and immediately watch what you have to show them? Your pitch…your perfectly refined, polished and intense emotional appeal. Your story that makes people want to ask more. No polite, healf-hearted “Wow” expressions before moving onto some other topic or distraction, but a true engagement with what you are telling them. Politeness is death. You want untamed curiosity and a reflex desire to know more, listen more intently, watch longer. You want buy-in. With the perfect pitch, you can achieve all of this. But, it will take some digging. You will need to do more than create a list of features and benefits, then choose the top ones. You will need to give a piece of yourself to this process. It is not facts that create true sales success. It is inspired emotions. You will have to lay a piece of yourself on that alter to succeed. You will have to take that first step.
Want to know how? This blog will unravel that mystery for you over the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned! Your vista awaits!


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