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Relationship is everything

January 1, 2015

After selling over 250 products on national television with somewhere around 1,000 hours of live on-camera time and 10 times that amount within the studio, I've seen a few things. I've watched trends come and go, I've seen big celebrities who were expected to sell huge amounts of product absolutely bomb and seen the little guy who had passion become the next big thing. I've seen monstrous network ..

Industry Mogul Mark Bozek Rebrands to Evine Live!

December 15, 2014

When you hear Shop HQ, what comes to mind? For me it has always been the former Shop NBC/ValueVision...the industry stepchild of monarch's HSN and QVC. My impression? Shop HQ was a title that simply equated it to an old-school TV shopping ideal. In my mind,   I saw HQ grabbing the scraps that dropped from the table of those bigger networks, the first places any large brand would rather sink its ..

Integrity in Sales is like Pumpkin Bread

November 5, 2014

I can still see my kids gathered around the table. The youngest is 1 and just starting to eat the same dinner as the rest of us. The oldest is 8. All 4 have the same grim expression as I do. They stare down at their plates, poking at the meat with their forks silently. I am a new stay-at-home dad and I just spent 4 hours in the kitchen trying to create rosemary apple pork loin. It looked so easy f..

To iPhone or Not to iPhone, That is the Question!

October 27, 2014

When I started editing video, I had to sit in a suite surrounded by humming decks, blinking cubic buttons and tapes as big as War and Peace. Before I could even attempt an edit, I had to scan each tape’s timecode, hoping desperately that it didn’t have a break anywhere. A single glitch in those numbers meant a mess of re-assembling clips into a distorted version of what you had planned on usin..

The Shifting Landscape of Direct Response Retail

October 14, 2014

Everyone who sells something knows it. Every large company is investing more money into it than any other marketing initiative. The statistics are staggering…Internet Video, the future of all sales. Some day, it might be holographic images transmitted directly to Google contact lenses or being beamed directly into the chip in your skull. But for now, web-product video is where everything is head..

The Face of your Product

October 6, 2014

According to recent studies, when people first meet you, 65% of their impression of you is based on how you look and 30% by how you talk. Only 5% relates to the content of what you say. If you are talking to people on the telephone, 70% of their impression of you will be based on the sound of your voice, and only 30% on the content of what you're saying. So let me ask you: Who is the face and the ..

Know What They Want

September 23, 2014

When I was a director in retail television, I was the heartbeat of the show. I was the one who reacted quickly, pumping blood to each and every moving part and synchronizing their efforts toward a common outcome. Behind a switcher with about 2,500 buttons and touchscreen menus, I called out commands to my crew via headset, coached the talent through the show with their in-ear monitors and partnere..

Pitch Perfectly 101 – “Closing the Sale”

July 30, 2014

You walk into a store to buy a mattress. After surveying all the options, you feel as though 2 of them are good contenders. You flag down a sales person and ask for further information and ultimately, their opinion. The salesman answers. Which is the more compelling answer? Answer #1) I recommend the Sealey mattress. It's memory foam sub-core along with comfort-glide spring system ensure the best ..

Pitch Perfectly 101 – “The Solution”

July 21, 2014

I am a pretty motivated guy. I currently am a guest-host for HSN with on-air appearances 8-12 times a week. Each of the products I represent requires its own research time, prop collection time, training time and meetings. In addition, I own a production company creating the best product sales video available anywhere that employs true salesmanship by real Pitchman and women along with custom demo..




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