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Pitch Video Packages 
Terms and Conditions

The following outlines client entitlements and terms

  1. If a scene is requested at a location other than the Pitch Video house property, client understands that elevated costs will be incurred for the set-up and transportation of equipment, extended crew hours to do so, location fees and other necessary expenses such as tolls and/or parking.
  2. All scenes and host/voice-over verbiage captured on shoot day are outlined on the client estimate, script and/or down-payment invoice.  All scene requests or changes must be made before submitting the down-payment to Pitch Video. Scene changes can effect production logistics and therefore expenses incurred by Pitch Video, altering the overall cost of the production. Any scene changes or requests made after the down-payment is made may result in additional charges.
  3. Following the shoot day, all agreed-upon scenes will have been captured by Pitch Video according to the outline on the client’s down-payment invoice and/or script. No additional scenes can be captured without planning another shoot day and the client incurring the resulting expense.
  4. Client is entitled to models of their preference.  Client may request a specific age, gender, race, hair color, body type or wardrobe for their model. Additional models can be requested for additional cost.
  5. Basic text graphics, logos (provided by client) or split screens can be added over the video at no additional cost.  More elaborate graphics such as (but not limited to) custom shapes, custom texts, split screens, custom transitions, keyable elements, quad boxes, custom 2D or 3D animations (either as a separate clip or over the video), etc. are not included in the price unless specifically requested in advance and factored into client estimate, Any addition of these custom elements after the downpayment has been made will result in additional expense.
  6. Any changes to the host/voice-over script must be requested before shoot day.  On the shoot day, the host/voice-over talent will record the script as agreed upon by client in the script’s most recent version.  It cannot be re-recorded without re-shooting host scenes and/or re-recording the voice-over at additional expense.
  7. A specific type of music may be requested by the client. However, Pitch Video will not use copywritten songs.  All music utilized in client’s video will be royalty free unless client has secured specific permission in writing from an artist to use their music in the client’s video marketing. If a specific royalty free music selection is requested by the client that is not currently a part of Pitch Video’s music library, client will be billed for the added expense of that music selection purchase.
  8. Client will receive a preview of their video on the Pitch Video Vimeo page upon completion.
  9. Client may request editing changes based on their Vimeo preview.  2 editing revisions are covered in the price of any package.  Any additional editing will incur additional expense
  10. Client will receive 2 copies of their video following payment of the final project invoice.  One copy will be labeled “for web.”  This lower-resolution copy will be optimized for 720 HD internet streaming.  The other copy will be labeled “High-Res.”  This copy will be in 1080p, broadcast quality format and is good for use in on broadcast television, in monitors, on projectors or other large-format applications.
  11. Rush productions (delivered in less than 7 days from initial client contact) will incur additional expense since we must stretch our crew hours to accommodate the client’s short timeline.