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Wednesday,Dec 11,2013

Yesterday, I sold over 100,000 units of a product that I love to present. It is called the Mighty Jump and is a jumpstart system for your car that you plug into your car’s power socket (cigarette lighter socket), wait 10 minutes, turn your key and drive away. It is half the size of a latte, easily fits into your glove compartment and keeps you in your driver’s seat for the entire brief process. Those 100,000 units were sold in a single day over the course of 9 airings of around 20 minutes each and equate to about 2 million dollars in sales. The HSN administration may rejoice in the sales success, but my motivations were a bit deeper than simply moving inventory. This product was an easy one for me. I have a heart that loves to solve problems for others. Unfortunately, this has sometimes led to an imbalance in my life as I am volunteered to fix this for that person or build something for another. But on the whole, I always love that moment when I can stand back from something that was an issue for someone a short time ago and appreciate that it no longer is. Yesterday gave me the chance to do just that, on a massive scale…during the exact time of year when that should be our focus. It is the time of gift-giving, when we all get that chance to solve other people’s struggles as best we can and from my point of view, there are now a hundred thousand people in the US that will not suffer that heart -stopping moment of vulnerability when the battery is dead and all options are bad ones. I heard dozens of stories from testimonial callers, recapping moments when the Mighty Jump saved them from being stranded. 2 of those callers were physically handicapped and got back on the road without leaving their driver’s seat. 1 woman at a convenience store jumpstarted the car of another who’s battery had died just as she went into labor. They got the car running in 10 minutes and rushed her to the hospital where she delivered a baby boy. Another caller jumpstarted her daughters car in the morning so she could make it to work on time, then recharged the Mighty Jump and used it on her own car later that day! Both incidents were unforeseen and the cars where both parked in garages where the battery under the hood could not have been accessed easily with jumper cables. Story after story rolled in on the HSN testimonial lines and each one warmed my heart. Each one is a person I have touched over my years of selling that simple jumpstarter. There is an important aspect to my job as a television presenter that cannot be over-empasized: Authenticity. Viewers know if you are the real deal or not. They can easily sense if you are a poser trying to be something you are not or if you are authentic because your heart is truly passionate about your product. For me, this is simple. I am passionate about my family and anything that can solve a problem or enhance our lives is something I love. My daughter will have her driver’s license in 4 months – actually, she reminded me last night that it is 3 1/2 months! She will never leave the driveway without her Mighty Jump…and that is as authentic as any father could ever be!



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