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The Technology of this Moment in Time.

Friday,Feb 14,2014

This tiny snippet of time we call “now” is a special one. 6 years ago, Netflix was unheard of. There was no such thing as an iPhone. Digital television was a conversation, not a reality and people were just getting excited about the new Nintendo wireless technology in the Wii. Social networking was just getting it’s feet under itself and we were still years away from the first tablet (although the first generation black/white Kindle came out in 2009). Now, more people visit Facebook each day than Google and there are 4.7 billion mobile phone subscriptions (2 out of every 3 people on the planet). There are more people with mobile phones than have running water or toothbrushes…and most of those phones can beam a video on any topic you can imagine right to your palm. 6 years ago feels like ancient history to anyone wrapped into our current ago of technology. My teens can’t even fathom a time when people could not have the entire cumulative knowledge of the human race in their pocket. When I was a kid and you wanted to know something outside of school, you could ask someone or drive to the library, open the drawer to the card catalogue, walk isle after isle of dusty volumes searching for the right book number and spend your entire afternoon scouring pages for that answer. To my kids, that might as well have been when Jesus walked the Earth. According to a projection by IBM previous to 2012, by that year the overall digital database of knowledge on this planet would be doubling every 11 hours. Imagine, what humans now know and have access to online will double twice before this time tomorrow! At the time of Einstien, when a man died, his intimate knowledge of his life work died with him to some extent. Sure, other scientists could pick up where he left off by reading his journals and trying to relearn his ideas, but no one could truly tap into the genius that made the man exceptional. With the communication we now have, we have a universal digital brain that other scientists can be n intimate part of each day. The leaps we will see in the next millennium will only be limited by man’s own governance. We will grow as fast as those in charge allow us to. I can’t imagine the world my grandchildren will live in. We laughed at Jetsons in the 70s. The advances were absurd to contemplate. George Jetson might as well be Moses if our technology develops untethered. I am lucky to be a part of the upswing in technology at this moment in history. Online video technology is a fairly recent accompishment. Everyone wants it, but few have taken the time to create it. There is a huge demand. Big companies are dumping more marketing dollars into developing great sales video than any other marketing exploit. The time is soon upon us–anything being sold without a video will be overlooked as if invisible. At the rate things are advancing, I may need to learn how to shoot holograms in a few years!


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