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Trash or Treasure?

Saturday,Oct 12,2013

I am often asked if I have ever sold a product I didn’t like.  The answer to that is an obvious and resounding YES! Does that surprise you? It shouldn’t.  My next door neighbor owns things that he things are great and I would never buy in a million years!  What works for one person, doesn’t for another.  What one person thinks is awesome, another finds underwhelming.  It’s the old “trash and treasure” concept.  I am especially outspoken about those things that I love and use, but not everything makes the cut for me personally. I am a professional presenter, which means, I am there to show everything that’s right about a product. Every product in the world has things that are right and things that are wrong with it.  It does not matter what you buy.  You can drop high dollars on a car, a vacuum, a house or a watch.  It will inevitably delight you in certain ways and frustrate you in others.  It is your own personal opinion whether the scale will tip more to the positive side, making you happy with your purchase or tip to the negative side, ensuring you are not.  However, my job is not to show you whats wrong with something, it is to show you whats right with it and hope you agree!  My greatest gratification is to find that I have given my buyer something they cherish and delight in!  I have sold things that I thought were awesome, only to find out that my buyers went online and gave it horrible reviews.  I have also sold things that I thought were an absolute waste of cash, only to have my customers give it the maximum review score possible and come back to buy more!  I am no judge of what a person will find wonderful and what they won’t…so I don’t try.  I allow the customer to make the choice and am happy to know that I have a company that stands behind each person with an unconditional money-back guarantee.  With the initial purchase, they send you the return box, shipping label and packing tape to re-close the package if you are less than happy.  I have personally purchased items the same way my customers do and have decided to return them.  The whole process is as streamlined and painless as I could imagine.  It makes it easy for me to step out on the air and present items to America.  I know that whether my customer loves their purchase or not, the network has their back!


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