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When I compare my product to others on the market, mine offers a truly unique solution
My retail price is equivalent to similar products
Almost everyone can identify with the common problem my product addresses
When using my product, people's lives are made easier
I can manufacture my product, take my profit and deliver it to my customer for 50% of what people would pay for it
When I show people my product, they are polite
You cannot find a product that does what mine does
My product is made with uncommon manufacturing quality
I have a line of associated products which are all unique
When demonstrated, my product can create a seemingly magical transformation for my customer
It is easy for people to understand my product
When people see my product, they say "Finally!"
My product is made for a specific type of person
Many people would be excited about using my product and talking to others about it
I already know compelling and unique product demonstrations proven to excite spectators
My product appeals to a wide demographic
My product works every time
I can produce large quantities of my product in a short amount of time
When people see my product work, they are amazed and ask enthusiastic questions
My product is the only thing I sell
I have a story behind the creation of my product
I have already created clean, broadcast-quality product video (b-roll) and have it on hand
The retail price of my product is significantly less than similar products on the market
When using my product, my customer will feel relief because of the solution I have given them
I have a product presenter whose face is on-brand for network television
I have trouble convincing people that the value of my product is worth what I am asking for it
I understand the value of a properly crafted product presentation for the customer and am willing to be fully involved in that process
I have significant inventory of my product on hand
When people use my product, they want to buy more for the people they know.
People can justify buying several of my product at one time
My product currently has unique functions that other companies could knock-off easily
I can show my customer something unexpected and shocking when demonstrating my product
When your customer speaks about your product, he/she can easily negate the objections of skeptics
I have a product presenter that has a face made for radio
My product has a strong emotional appeal
My product has been reviewed by a 3rd party
My design, logo, trademarks and patents are all in place
When my product is demonstrated, I can show people something they have never seen before
A woman would buy my product for herself or someone she knows
My product is made with the same quality as similar products on the market