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Why a product sales video?

Wednesday,Oct 23,2013

Right now in 2013, within the next hour, in the US alone, 3.2 million people will watch an online video. 5 years ago, this was not possible.  The internet simply did not have the technology in place to handle that kind of demand.  Now, the technology has caught up with what people want.  It doesn’t matter whether they are buying a car, a pair of shoes, a house or a brand of coffee.  Consumers want to see a quick presentation making them feel emotionally confident in their purchase.  With the advances in mobile technology over the past few years, video now accounts for over 50%  of all mobile traffic (source: Bytemobile Mobile Analytics Reports, 2013).  Shoppers are now pulling up product videos in store aisles to help them make buying decisions., an online jewelry retailer, found that viewers who chose to view video converted at a 400% increase over those who didn’t. The site also credited video with decreasing returns by 25% .  It is a no-brainer.  Anyone selling product online or otherwise who does not acquire demonstration video for their product will be left in the dust.  They will have to wash the tire tracks from their backs after other vendors roll over them.   They will stand on the station platform and watch the caboose disappear into the distance, loaded with those celebrating their vision in jumping on the video train. A great product sales video (Pitch Video) represents your product in your absence.  It allows you to provide your best pitch and demonstrations without error every single time a person is interested.  It far outreaches your ability to be in a thousand places at once.  It can be on television, on, in an email campaign, on your channel, on a TV screen at a convention and on your social networking sites all at once.  Imagine standing in a trade-show convention selling your product in front of 50 people.  Now imagine I have removed every other vendor in the tradeshow.  Only you remain.   Imagine I have elevated you and your demonstrations onto a stage in a spotlight and your voice is being broadcast through a sound system.  Now imagine the 50 people in front of you have swelled to 50 thousand and all of them have chosen to watch what you have to show them and listen to your words. That is the power of a good Pitch Video. Do your research. Look at the statistics.  They are staggering.  If you do not yet have video as a tool in selling your product, you are like the old lady who refuses to learn about cell phones.  It is time to step up, or you will not be competitive much longer!


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