a lot of belly laughing under one roof

Cory Bergeron

Founder / President

Some say the early bird gets the worm.  Well, Cory ate the early bird with a side of gluten-free toast then washed it down with a soy milk latte. 

A pioneer, a mountain man, a former mullet having, self-made, fearless entrepreneur, Cory Bergeron never met a hill too high to climb or a story too difficult to capture.

The sky is not even the limit for this imaginative wunderkind. In front or behind the camera, his light isn’t easily contained. Driven and relentless, he steers the ship through the choppiest of waters unscathed emerging stronger from every wave crashing his ballast. 

Father, leader, O Captain! My Captain!


Elizabeth Bergeron

VP Operations

Brent Reynolds

Lead Producer

Adam Hickson

Lead Editor

Gerry Granby

Technical Director

Danika Leite

Visual Arts Director

Kevin Harrington

Non-executive Director

Jason Spehar

Director of Videography

Marta Falcon

Production Assistant
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