In total, this is typically a 5-6 week process from start to finish, depending on complexity.  

Week 1 - Concepting and Creative

We partner with you to identify the most compelling reasons a viewer would want the product and then hold a creative meeting in which our core group of editors, script writers, production planners and producers all weigh in on the concept from their area of expertise. Our recommended concept is then sent to you for approval or revision.

Week 2 - Scripting

Once the concept is approved, we move into creating the script.  We collaborate with you via Google Docs to comment, revise and make crew notations to the script until you are delighted with the vision.

Week 3 - Production Planning

Once the script is approved, it becomes our bible from which we plan the entire production.  All scene outline components are broken down into shot lists, crew and talent schedules, location permissions and permits. You are informed of the shoot date, usually within 7-10 days of script approval.

Week 4 - The shoot day(s)

We capture all necessary footage and still photos according to the breakdown created by your producer, who has been involved in your project since the first creative meeting and intimately understands how to execute the vision.

Week 5 - Post Production (editing)

All footage is then edited within 7 days from the shoot date and an online preview is sent to you for approval or revision request.  We utilize Vimeo’s review function which allows you to pause the video on any frame and leave a comment for your editor. The editor can then click on your comments and go right to the point in the video where you requested a revision.

Step 6 - Delivery

The final invoice is sent (if not buying in bulk) and then final video edits and stills are delivered to you electronically.
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